Hog Roast Belfast

Hog Roast Belfast


Are you responsible for organising an event or special occasion celebration? We know how stressful that task can be! How can you possibly cater for all of your guests? The answer is to hire the number one hog roast company in Belfast. We offer tailored catering packages and attentive customer service for events of all sizes. Whether you want a relaxed buffet or a more formal meal with table service, you will find everything you want for the catering for your event right here at Hog Roast Belfast.

We’ve been in business for more than a decade. During that time, we’ve served at a variety of events including festivals, christenings, birthday parties, wedding celebrations, corporate conferences and more. A hog roast is a truly mouth-watering meal that is sure to leave your guests satisfied, and feeling like royalty!

Hog Roasts – A Feast Fit For any Event

Hog Roast Belfast

Our creative catering team will treat your guests to some expertly cooked melt-in-the-mouth pork and any other dishes that you require, and provide attentive service throughout your event, leaving you to relax and enjoy the day alongside your guests.

Whatever event you require food for, Hog Roast Belfast’s appealing, modern dishes offer you a cost-effective and convenient way of providing a great first impression, a superior mobile dining experience for your guests and a lovely meal for everyone for any occasion in Belfast.

Professional, Experienced Belfast Caterers

Here at Hog Roast Belfast, we are incredibly lucky enough to be able to work in this wonderful city and call it the home of our Belfast based spit roasting catering company. We are always impressed at the greeting we are provided with from the wonderful people here. They always make us truly feel welcomed and at home.

Hog Roast Belfast

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During our time operating in the Belfast area we have had the pleasure of providing our exciting, delicious food to a whole host of events and occasions. Such events including being able to cater for some of our customers most memorable and special days of their lives including weddings, christenings, birthday and anniversary celebrations. We are highly competent in providing and tailoring our catering services to corporate, business and charity events.

Simply get in touch with the team at Hog Roast Belfast to discuss your event plans with us and we will be happy to offer advice on food choices, serving styles and the amount of food you should order. People are often taken aback by just how many people our whole roasted pigs can cater for. An example of this is that one of our average sized hogs can serve over 100 people. We are a versatile and adaptable catering company with extensive choices and options available to suit a whole manor of tastes. Call the Hog Roast Belfast team today!

Hire A Hog Roast Machine in Belfast

Hog Roast Belfast

We are the most popular choice for hog roast hire in the Belfast area. Our advanced equipment will never let you down and we have a range of user-friendly machines that are even suitable for novice hog roast chefs. We will determine which hog roast machine is best for you based on your budget and the how many people you are feeding. We will give you all the advice you need and supply everything you require, including some superior free-range pork.

Serving a luxury hog roast meal at your special occasion celebration is more affordable than you may think! Hire a hog roast machine to feed your guests at your next event to ensure it is a day, and meal that they will never forget.